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Author: Ian McAllister

Memory and Summary


Finally trees are a good way of remembering things by organizing them. You can rearrange your tree to a shape that is easy to remember. Use one colour for each general division of the tree.

For example, if you made a tree for this book you could then colour green all parts dealing with preparation, use red for all exam techniques, and yellow for parts affecting everything else.

Use geometrical shapes or little sketches to make the tree even more memorable, just as my brother did.

Most of the chapters will have a summary. Check that your tree includes everything mentioned in the summary, but your organization is better for you than my summary. Have you drawn your version of the tree for this chapter yet?

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Use graphs and diagrams to save writing time in your exam.

Use “family trees” to help you to organise your thoughts and to remember things systematically in an emergency such as an exam or first-aid situation.

Use radial trees (sometimes called “mind maps”) for everything. You can use them to keep track of a brainstorming session when you are planning to write a book or put up a web page, then you use them to organise the book, or to take notes in a lecture, or to study books or web pages. You can use them in an exam to plan your essays and help you to remember, or you can use them to write a thesis at the University.

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