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Author: Ian McAllister
Lion Taming Exams

That was his first success.

He built on that success by making the lion move away from him when he ordered it to. With each success his confidence grew. Humility may be admirable, but not in a lion tamer!

Some retarded children were taught how to do mental arithmetic at lightning speed. Suddenly their IQ increased, and they started to succeed at school. They no longer expected to fail. They built on their success.

If you would like to try that idea, you can learn to be a lightning calculator. As far as I can remember it costs less than $20, and it is a lot of fun, Get the details from Fun With Figures

You don’t have to pay another $20 now that you have this book. Just learn how to write essays that will rock the teacher back on his heels. It’s all in this book which you already have.

Once you build a habit of success you can stroll arrogantly into the exam room knowing that the examiner will be as easy to impress as your teacher. Have fun showing off!

You aren’t trying to build a habit of defeat in your examiner. He secretly wants you to pass. So he is even easier to beat than a bull with a habit of defeat!

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Don’t build a habit of failure

A bull once attacked me. If I had tried to run it would have killed me. Instead my instant reaction was one of overwhelming fury “How dare he attack me?!” I slapped his face and shouted at him to get out of my way, and he did so as fast as he could change direction.

When the bull was a calf he was roughly shoved aside when he got in the way.

When he got big enough to shove back, he learned that failure to move where the humans wanted him to move resulted in being hit with whatever came handy or prodded with a pitchfork.

He had never in his life won an argument with a human.

Admittedly he could hardly feel my slap but he knew from experience that a blow on his sensitive nose would probably follow if he ignored the warning.

He didn’t consider that my hands were empty, I was trapped against a wall and couldn’t reach his nose, and he weighed more than 30 times as much as I did.

He had a habit of failure so he gave up in a fraction of a second. I didn’t even feel relieved, I was so angry that he had attacked me! I had a habit of success.

Examiner has all the advantages?

The truth is that he has much less advantage than the bull had over me, and he is probably on your side in any case.

If it is an internal school exam or a college exam the examiner is probably the one who has been training you. The better you perform in the exam the more successful he will feel.

Why shouldn’t he be on your side?!!

The big important rule is to write about what you know, then convince the examiner that you have stuck to the subject.

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