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Author: Ian McAllister
Victorious attitude for exam mastery

One last thing

Do you hate study? That is not natural. You have been brainwashed. Humans are naturally curious.

What your teacher tells you is probably boring, so if you think that study means memorizing the teacher’s notes, of course you will be bored.

But if you hunt the internet for facts that your teacher doesn’t know, that too is study. It will suddenly become an exciting battle of wits. If you are lucky you can prove that one of the teacher’s ideas is wrong, and put the proof into your homework.

Chapter 1

Victorious Attitude

Who wins at exams?

  • Medium intelligence, thinks he knows all the answers
  • Very intelligent, knows he will fail
  • Couldn’t care less either way

You are right. The one who believes he knows all the answers is more likely to win than the more intelligent person.

Side comment: You may not like the big-headed know-it-all who is so successful but he or she will perform better in exams. Even better is the apparent “know-it-all” who is laughing at himself and the examiners because he realises how little he knows and how much he is stretching that knowledge and faking it to look as if he knows it all.If you want to read the rest of the book now, go to my exam mastery sales page

Successful Lion Tamer

A successful lion tamer wrote (let’s face it – failed tamers don’t write books!) that a lion tamer must be so overwhelmingly arrogant that it never occurs to him that he can’t master the lion.

How do you get this confidence?

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