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Author: Ian McAllister

Don’t Kick the Examiner when He is Down

Winning Victorious Attitude

Here is why I believe that the right approach will build a victorious attitude, leading you on to victory.

When I was in primary school I loved exams. My mother taught me not to show off. But I was allowed to show off in exams!

Sometime before my secondary schooling I was brainwashed into dreading exams. I got a terrible attitude. I learned to hate study, even though I still loved to read. I never realised that reading for fun is still studying! It is natural for learning to be fun.

I knew that I wasn’t doing as much study as the teachers wanted me to do. I knew that I deserved to fail the exams because I didn’t study enough. I was bottom of the English class, because I didn’t know how to write essays. I hated writing essays.

How did I get my winner’s attitude?

Then all that changed. I read “The Exam Secret” by Dennis B. Jackson, B.A. Suddenly I knew that I could rub all my teacher’s noses in my success!

I went suddenly from the bottom of the English class to near the top. The teacher asked me what had changed, and I directed him to the book.

The chemistry teacher apologized to me after an exam. He said “I thought that you were a no-hoper, not worth helping, but that exam was an eye-opener”.

My headmaster told me that I had as much chance of passing three GCE ordinary level exams as the man in the moon, so I passed 11 of them just to show him. I probably only deserved to pass two exams, but Dennis’s book helped me to pass more than I deserved to pass.

Hate turned to love

Suddenly I loved writing essays. I always got high marks for my homework essays, but that was no longer enough. I started taking a word at random in my spare time, and using it as the subject of an essay, just for fun!

I owe Dennis my success in exams, but his book was written before Multiple Choice exams became popular. This book shows you how to get extra marks in a Multiple Choice exam as well as in essay exams.

Sidebar: In fact, Dennis’ book dates back to prehistorical times when the internet had not been invented (oops…what does that make me? You can now research in a flash what used to take hours in the library.If you want to read the rest of the book now, go to my exam mastery sales


I teach you to have little respect for the truth in your essays. That will help you if you ever decide on a career in journalism. Media reports have a small core of truth, with a lot of fiction wrapped around to make them more interesting.

Don’t kick the examiner when he is down

No longer will you be approaching the examiner, cap in hand, asking miserably “Please, can you let me scrape through?” Now you will be entering the battle with a secret weapon, or playing a game with secret techniques that twist chance in your favor.

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