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Author: Ian McAllister

How to use this book

You may have the exams so soon that there is no time to study. Read chapters 1 to 11 and leave the rest until you have time to spare, as in this diagram.

If you have time to study then read all the book. A knowledge of my exam techniques will help you to understand the reason behind some of the study techniques. Remember, this book is about victory in exams. Your study should be aimed at that goal, rather than at increasing your knowledge. schedule to understand studying techniques

Get your winner’s attitude here!

Many people drift through life without purpose. They are failures because they never learned to develop targets. If you have no targets you will never hit your targets. So before you go any further decide the answers to the following

  • Why are you studying?
  • Why do you want to pass exams?
  • Why do you want a good job?
  • What lifestyle do you want from your work?
  • Are there better ways to reach that lifestyle?
  • Would you like people to look up to you because of your education?
If you expect the examiner to beat you he will. Using the techniques in this book you can stay one jump ahead of the examiner. Isn’t it more fun to keep the examiner one step behind you than it is to struggle and fail to play the game by his rules?

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