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Author: Ian McAllister

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Free Exam Strategies: I’m placing the first pages of my book on this website to help you to beat the examiner

That means that you will be able to see what you are getting before you buy my book and there are several more sample pages.

Why should you buy it if I’m uploading it for free? Well, I’ve put up less than 20 pages and there are over 130 pages. The pages that aren’t there could change your life.

I’ve put extra resources or suggestions in a sidebar. When you buy the book and print it out you can copy these suggestions into the margins if you like them.

Today I’ll start of in a grand way by giving you the first three pages all at once, as they are the usual boring stuff you find at the start of any book. That’s why the next page is page 4.

Here is the start of my book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.If you want to read the rest of the book now, go to my exam mastery sales page

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The National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry for this book is

McAllister, Ian, 1940- .

The Ned Kelly approach to exam mastery.


Includes index.

ISBN 0 9756737 0 X.
1. Examinations – Study guides. 2. Test-taking skills. 3.

Study skills. I. Title.


Introduction How to use this book
Chapter 1 Attitude
Chapter 2 Pictures
Chapter 3 Do some spying
Chapter 4 The Big Day
Chapter 5 Exam Tactics
Chapter 6 Exam Secrets
Chapter 7 Legibility
Chapter 8 Multiple Choice
Chapter 9 Essays
Chapter 10 Essay Techniques
Chapter 11 Bluffing
Chapter 12 TAE Secondary School Final Exams
Chapter 13 How to Study
Chapter 14 What to study
Chapter 15 Classes or Lectures
Chapter 16 Reading
Chapter 17 Taking Notes
Chapter 18 Research the Web
Chapter 19 Memory
Chapter 20 Just for parents
Chapter 21 Recycling what you learned


Appendix 01Abortion Essays
Appendix 02Argumentative Essays
Appendix 03Cause and Effect Essays
Appendix 04Classification Essays
Appendix 05Comparison Essays
Appendix 06Definition Essays
Appendix 07Description Essays
Appendix 08Narrative Essay
Appendix 09Persuasive Essays

About the cover picture

Ned Kelly is a sort of Australian hero. He “fought City Hall” and lost. However his battle resulted in correcting many injustices in the legal system.

He made a suit of body armor out of ploughshares and defied the government forces in the siege of Glenrowan, which lasted about twelve hours.

I don’t advise you to use a gun to get your exam certificate; after all, Ned was eventually hanged; but this book will teach you how to bend the rules until they cry out in agony, without actually breaking any. Learn to use every loophole in the system and every weakness in the examiner.

Bible college students and possibly some other students are exceptions to the rule. Their target is not to pass the exams but to learn to use their knowledge to help people. Many of my ideas will still apply, but the ideas worthy of Ned Kelly probably won’t.

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