Teachers Resources To Make Your Class Do Well And Prosper

Author: Ian McAllister

What are the best Teachers Resources?

The best teachers resources for secondary or tertiary teachers are those that help you to meet your target of getting all your pupils through their exams. That is why you are teaching them… so that they can pass exams.

Who passes exams?

Students who do best in exams are those who know most about exam technique, not about the subject.

Look through teachers study guides for exam techniques

Oops! They are like hen’s teeth, aren’t they?

Everybody expects someone else to teach technique, but it isn’t on anybody’s syllabus. Well I had two school teachers who taught how to pass their exams. The 100% pass rate did no harm to their reputation, and pleased their students.

That is why exam mastery takes pride of place in my list below.

You can increase a child’s IQ.

Wouldn’t this ability be a major weapon in your arsenal? Think of the born losers. They know they are going to fail and be humiliated, so they aren’t even going to try. If you perform some tricks from my second and third teachers resources for these no-hopers, then teach them to do the tricks to impress everyone, they will start to lose their born loser attitudes.

If they actually get the eBooks and study them they will be able to do “tricks” that will impress even you.

Now here’s the exciting part. When a child suddenly discovers an easy skill his self-respect and IQ shoot up. Think what all three of my groundbreaking ideas together could do for your students.

Here are the 3 links

  1. Pass Exams: Exam mastery shows despondent students how they can be on the winning side in exams, and how to carry the new abilities over into real life. It shows them how to use the knowledge and abilities that they already have, to the best effect. It encourages them to look past the obvious.
  2. Lightning Maths Calulator: Learn lightning quick mental arithmetic. Oh yes, this is impressive. One professor lost face with his students when he used his calculator

    to work out 2+2. OK, his students were intelligent enough to know that it was just habit, but they never let him forget the incident!

    I have even impressed someone with my ability to give them the square of 12 instantly (they didn’t realize that I had memorized it!).

    Fun With Figures

  3. Memory Feats: I remember how impressed everyone was when I won every game of Happy Families, by memorizing who had each family. Of course, it doesn’t do any harm to have a good memory in the exam either. Learn to display amazing memory feats.
  4. Speed-reading: The amazing discovery is that your student’s comprehension goes up with faster reading. The only drawback I found was that if I read a book that would give me 3 hours of pleasure, I would take half an hour and cheat myself out of two and a half hours fun. Learn more about lightening fast speed-reading.


With these four teachers resources you can raise your students’ IQ and help not only to pass exams, but to develop marketable literary skills.