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Author: Ian McAllister

Don’t waste your study! You can easily fail an exam even if you are an expert in the subject. You have heard about trick questions and nerves and your mind going blank and…

When I first went to King Edward VI Grammar School my finals were years away, which seems like an eternity to a child. So I was quite happy to ignore the complaints of my teachers when I handed in half-page “compositions” or “essays” for my homework.

As the finals drew nearer I realised with a sinking feeling that I wasn’t going to pass, because even I knew that a half-page essay wasn’t good enough for a half-hour answer. But I didn’t know how to write well.

Exam Secrets

Then I found a little book with the above name, and it changed my life in a few days. Suddenly my teachers were giving me top marks for my essays (I even wrote a forty page essay about synthetic fabrics).

But would it work in a test?

Judge for yourself. Here are some of the tests that I have passed.

  • eleven “O” level Cambridge GCE
  • two “A” level Cambridge GCE
  • Ordinary National Certificate Applied Physics
  • Higher National Certificate Applied Physics
  • Diploma in Computer Programming
  • Certificate in Computer repair and upgrading
  • Certificate in Desktop publishing

These are not all of my passes, but they should show you what could be done by someone heading for disaster. I had only needed to discover some exam secrets. Note: I didn’t suddenly become an ace student…only learned exam technique.

How I came to write my book

picture of exam book
In 1985 I was in charge of the workshops at Hedland Technical College, and the Electrical Lecturer mentioned that he would like something to help his students to get better marks. Because I enjoy doing library research, I offered to find him something up to date about passing exams.

I was looking forward to finding out what new ideas had been invented in the field, and was surprised to find that the attitude could still be summed up as “study hard and you will do well.” As the lecturer knew, that just is not true.

There was a lot of material that I could gather, a little bit at a time, and assemble into improved exam techniques. Multiple choice questions had been invented since I was at school, and there were some useful organization techniques which would help with memory and almost everything else.

So I wrote and published my first book about exam technique. The lecturer bought several copies for the College Library, and the National Library in Canberra bought about a dozen copies.

Then I moved down to Perth and forgot about it until I found an old copy lying around. People still would like to pass exams just as much as they did in 1985, but there have been some new developments such as the Internet since that time.

This website

The book about exam secrets that I found while still at school gave me a lifetime enjoyment of writing. So when I thought about writing updated information for a web site I decided it would be fun.

What you can expect from this website

  • You can expect your feelings of panic about exams to be replaced with an eager anticipation of a battle that you are confident that you can win. Your mind will no longer go blank – you will enjoy yourself so much that you will be limited by your speed of writing. You won’t want to stop.
  • Learn to cut repetitive study to a minimum
  • How to fit your study between your other pleasures
  • Why you should never fail a multiple-choice exam
  • How to make your teacher/lecturer remember you with respect
  • How to shock the examiner into interest and admiration
  • The joys of the hunt…after knowledge
  • Writing about a subject you know nothing about
  • Helping your child at school
  • How to bluff the examiner
  • How to organize your knowledge, whether during the hunt, your study, or for a presentation such as an essay or speech or book.
  • Using the internet in your hunt for knowledge
  • Get recognized by your teachers and classmates as an expert writer
  • Make extra pocket money from writing. You might sell an essay to a classmate, or write a short article for a local newspaper. It doesn’t pay much, but it is always another good excuse to write for fun, and it feels good to see yourself in print.

Better still, create your own website. A 15 year old girl is earning more than a thousand dollars per month as I write, and it is increasing. Mind you, her dad is an expert at writing for the web, so I suspect he would have helped her to get started…what do you think?

  • Get your free book here.
  • Your memory is perfect. Retrieving a memory is your problem. Learn ways to organize and retrieve your memories.
  • You are very good at learning anything that you enjoy…think of it. Learn to enjoy looking for unexpected facets of every subject, and you will remember the boring aspects that are linked to them. Start bullying your examiner – click here.