Army Study Guides To Ace Your Tests And Exams

Author: Ian McAllister

Army Study Guides

What are army study guides for? (Or navy study guides or air force study guides) To help you to pass all your tests of course! I can help you to pass your knowledge tests.

Two kinds of test

An exam can test your knowledge, or it can test you, and your skills. Your army study guides such as your superior officers are very good indeed at preparing you for the skills tests. They should be! Their methods are based on centuries of experience.

You may be five seconds slower than the standard for dismantling and reassembling a piece of equipment, but you know exactly how to do it – you just need to practice more to improve your skill.

There are other exam subjects such as mathematics which are also testing your skill, although knowledge does come into it. Your army study guides should be encouraging you to practice, practice, and practice some more.

Knowledge tests

The first organization to express an interest in my book about exam mastery was the Australian Army. They considered that the study guides in my book would help their candidates to pass more exams, which would increase their training efficiency.

Your living army study guides will be training you to have a positive attitude and self-confidence and a strong drive towards success. So some of what I teach in my book will be well known to you already. However your living army study guides probably don’t show you how to try to get one up on them!

Read my book

You will find that it shows you how to rebel against authority and get better marks as a result. Just remember that it is sometimes undesirable to do things differently in the army – even if your way is better!