Kangaroo legsDoing well in your High School Diploma is a skill.

It doesn’t matter if you have frogs legs, if you don’t practice the high jump you’ll never win in the athletics competitions.

If you don’t practice the exam techniques, you’ll dread your exams.

If you do practice, you won’t even need to use memory tricks to remember step 1, step 2, step 3… You’ll have practiced it so much that you couldn’t forget each step. OK – quick now – if you have five questions to answer in three hours, how long can you take on each question? If that is the exam you are taking, you shouldn’t need to work it out. You’ll have worked it out before the exam, and know exactly how long to allow for each question.

If it is a multiple choice exam, you shouldn’t have to think “Now, what was rule four”? You’ll already have applied it to ten choices in the time it would take to remember the rule if you hadn’t practiced.

Your high school studies will mostly be useless to you EXCEPT that when you pass your high school diploma, you will prove to anybody who cares that you are capable of studying. The only subject I failed at school was Geography, but it was the only subject that I used for ideas in my first job. I made an extremely useful opisometer that I only heard about in Geography.