Can You Expect Online Schools To Be The Best?

When Are Online Schools Best For You

I’m biased! I was brought up on distance learning, and can mostly see the disadvantages of any other kind of learning. I hated ordinary schools because my mind kept wandering from what the lecturer/teacher was saying.

My grandchildren think I played with dinosaurs because online schools hadn’t been invented yet. Instead my distance learning was all with correspondence courses. That was when airmail was too expensive, so I got all my textbooks about three months after they had been ordered.

So you can consider me to have a bias towards distance education. I just bought another online eBook a few hours ago. Now is the time for you to invest in your future by buying my book about how to win the exam game.

However, I’m not too blind to see that there are advantages and disadvantages in both conventional and online high school and primary studies. If you are a parent, you choose which you prefer for the above mentioned schools, and the students choose which they prefer for a college degree or university.


One disadvantage with an online course for children is that you must supervise them as parents. Children are not little angels (at least I wasn’t) so if you can’t control your children, try to use conventional education. My father learned Latin one chapter ahead of me. That wasn’t so difficult, because I’m a hopeless linguist, so didn’t learn very fast.

Hopefully a conventional program will give your children plenty of supervision, though here in Australia we have teachers abandoning the profession in droves. If students are allowed to attack teachers with impunity, we can expect all training to be online soon.

On the other hand, if you have control of your kids, distance teaching shows them how to pace themselves. Many students fail at university level because they have never learned to supervise themselves. Nobody will supervise you at college, and if your employer finds you need supervision, he’ll mention it in your letter of commendation after he sacks you.

Undesirable Teaching

You control what your child learns from a correspondence course. Nobody can force you to have your child vaccinated to protect the other “civic-minded” children from scoundrels who don’t get vaccinated. You can’t convince a headmaster that the vaccinated students wouldn’t need protection if vaccination really worked. However you don’t have to if you are in charge of your children’s learning.

Political Correctness

This is destroying conventional education. Students are in power, so teachers are resigning. More and more children never learn to read or write. If you live in outback Australia, where the neighbors accept that crocodiles don’t understand political correctness, and neither do the facts of life, you can bring up your children until their teens to accept obedience to their elders until they become elders themselves. A child of 5 doesn’t understand political correctness. Children of 10 won’t report you for disciplining them, if they aren’t being brain-washed by conventional schools.

Attitude – The Good And Bad

Your home-tutored children will have adult attitudes learned from their parents. Children trained in schools will have the childish attitudes of their peers. If your attitudes are worth copying, home schooling is better. If the school attitudes are better (unlikely with political correctness) then you might prefer them.

My father explained the facts of fashion to me like this. You can be a leader or follower of fashion. If you do what everyone else is doing, you will never catch up with the leaders of fashion. If you do what is sensible instead, your peers will laugh at you, and then copy you when they see that you don’t care about their laughter.

My first three bosses stopped smoking when they saw that I didn’t smoke. I was setting the fashion.

I refused to play a game that I knew I would lose, and criticized for being a bad sport. Tough!

I can’t be a good salesman because I don’t understand my peers. I expect them to think logically as I was trained to think, and that doesn’t work for salesmanship. That’s the only handicap of distance learning.

After High School

Online colleges and universities degrees are an entirely different matter. Then it’s up to the student. Nobody will supervise your study either way. If you haven’t learned the self-control that distance education gives you, nobody will make you perform, so you will fail.

If you have learned self-control and motivation, distance degree programs are ideal, because you can go through them at your own speed, with nobody to hold you back. Now is when you start to be grateful to your parents for insisting on online schools for you. Buy my eBook online to discover how to ace your exams.