For What Kind Of Student Is Online College Education Best?

Author: Ian McAllister

An online college education might be just what you need, but won’t it deprive you of the thrillingly exciting lifestyle for a conventional college student?

The Student Lifestyle Myth

If you are foolish enough to believe the films, the conventional student lifestyle is really exciting. It’s time you came down to earth, asked who pays for the student lifestyle, and looked at some grim facts of life.

  1. You probably had to take out an education loan, which has to be paid back sometime.
  2. The loans may have been generous, but they won’t be generous enough for the lifestyle of the films.
  3. If you get in with a group that enjoys the student lifestyle, they’ll laugh at you every time you study. My book shows you how to pass exams with less study, but you still need to study.
  4. If you goof off and spend no time studying, you’ll fail your exams. Then who will pay back the loans?

Yes the mirage of student lifestyle gets further out of reach all the time. If you fail your exams you’ll be repaying your debt all your life. What sort of lifestyle will that be?

When I was a student, I couldn’t understand a friend of mine. He was totally uninterested in any of the University activities, and wasn’t even interested in dating. But when he graduated with honors as a dentist – wow! What a lifestyle he could afford then, and the girls didn’t mind him being a few years older and richer.

Enjoying online college education in fresh air.

Attend College Online

  • My dentist friend was continually tempted by laughing &quat;friends”. If he could have attended online college classes instead his fellow students would have chatted with him on the forum. They would have exchanged views, problems, solutions and plans for the future. It’s great when you are one of a group struggling for success instead of laughing at anybody who does any study.
  • The lecturer is so far advanced that he can’t understand your problems. If you manage to explain your problem his attitude is “But everybody knows that!” Your fellow students on the forum know exactly what are the problems. They have them themselves. So they you can help each other with the problems. You’ll be amazed by the difference in attitude.

So in an environment of ambitious achievers, doing one of the online college degree programs, your chances of success soar. A lifestyle that will toss off the loan repayments is in your grasp.

These studies can help you achieve your goals. You can move ahead without quitting your day job where you continue to gain valuable work experience. Improve your earning power, further your job prospects or increase your chances for promotion.

What Is Available?

There is a wide variety of accredited degree programs that you can take at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

The first step toward earning an online degree is learning more about online college education.

All traditional and online colleges and universities offering accredited online degrees and on-campus programs are accredited by accrediting agencies recognized by the U S.

Learn more about Distance Learning Accreditation and Online Degrees. Discover the online accredited colleges and universities offering accredited online degrees. Obtain a first-rate college education in the degree of your choice through University online degrees.

The Accredited Online Colleges website provides you with information on hundreds of online degrees through accredited colleges and universities.


With some studies you can work at your own pace. The lecturer can have recorded his messages months beforehand. You might like to work at 5 a.m. when you get up. Or you might prefer to work at midnight before going to bed. That’s fine when you can set your own pace. Online courses or video courses allow students to attend class at any time of day or night though some courses have on-campus assessments that must be scheduled

Video course students may have the benefit of having course materials on DVDs which they can watch at their convenience, as well as having access to online tools such as the discussion board and email.

Taking a hybrid class means that students attend classroom meetings on scheduled days but also receive part of their instruction online.

Earn your degree at a pace that is convenient for you. Instructors like this too. When I’m giving a lecture on computing stuff for instance, some of the students have to start with how to plug in and switch on, and others know nearly as much as I do. I’m going to bore the ones that know a lot if I try to teach them how to highlight text for instance. It’s great to have introductions that more advanced students can skim through, then help their slower fellow students in the forum. I can’t do that in a lecture, but it works fine with online college.

Degree programs range from two to four years in length, and many courses require no on-campus attendance – but science subject need laboratory work.

An online college wouldn’t offer what you want would it?

Think again! Here are some of the possible courses that are offered. Naturally, there will be problems for distance learning if there is a practical section, but there are ways round the problem. Degree programs offered range from certificates to associates degrees to bachelor’s degrees and even up to doctorates.

  • Online college masters
  • Nursing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Diesel
  • Behavioral Science
  • Business Administration
  • Child Care and Development
  • IT and Engineering Degrees
  • Computer Technology
  • Construction and Repair
  • Education Degrees
  • Database Management
  • Dental
  • Electronics and Technology
  • Press room
  • Hospitality and Travel
  • Business and MBA Degrees
  • Mathematics
  • Aviation

… and the list goes on. Anyhow, I’m sure you get the idea that there is plenty of choice for you.


I like the theory “Never do today what I can put off till tomorrow because something might happen and I won’t have to do it”. But one time you shouldn’t delay is when you are applying for a course. You are encouraged to apply as early as possible to allow adequate time for admissions and financial aid processing to occur. These can take several weeks . Enrollment will close either when they reach the maximum number for that class, or at the close of registration, whichever comes first. I turned up a week late for one exam. No prizes for guessing if I passed or not.

Get started today on the road to a brighter future with my book to help you through an accredited online college education.