Make Very Big Money With Freelance Writing

Freelance writing jobs can certainly earn you more than any professor can earn. But are you too young? Nobody knows your age when you write online. Lifetime careers are ancient history now.

When I talk about big money, many men and women are making six-figure incomes working part-time for a life of freedom. A few enjoy making money more than freedom and are earning over a million dollars a year. Have a look at the video.

Why aren’t my books enough?

Writing is the same as speaking, only different. If I taught a child to speak, he could theoretically give the Gettysburg Address.

Mind you; his parents would be more admiring of his baby talk than a political rabble would be. The audience is everything.

One comedian said that he didn’t mind when people glanced at their watches but hated it when they rewound them. One audience might love his talk, and another throw rotten eggs at him.

The Audience

My books teach you to produce the best work for the examiner. They teach you to write for the examiner and nobody else.

Of course, most of what I teach will work for other audiences. Think about when you chat with friends. You don’t need any special techniques for using words. You can probably describe a new invention so that they want it – because you know their interests.

That doesn’t mean that you could succeed as a salesman when you don’t know the interests of your prospects.

It’s even worse when you write for people who you will never see. Oh, you could do technical writing jobs because when somebody buys the latest thingymajig, they only want the users’ manual to make it easy to use the gadget.

How to become a writer

Upwork's website
If you just want some extra cash, try studying for a few hours to see if there are any writing services you can offer. I’ll be surprised if you couldn’t already do some of the jobs on offer there. It’s a great way to gather ideas.

If you have worked through my exam secrets book, and it has given you a love of article writing then consider content writing. There are many jobs at Upwork, but you’ll need persistence and the patience to get your first few jobs until you become well known for writing website articles.

Writing Careers

To make really big money, you will want to get into copywriting. That’s the name for writing to sell. I prefer the idea of business to business (B2B) writing which I’ll describe below.

Most copywriting requires you to get a vivid picture of your target audience into your mind. You then write to get the audience excited. Emotion is everything.

You are expected to lie, or at least twist the truth to make it more emotionally appealing. For instance, if I were trying to sell you a writing course, I would tell you that you could earn a million dollars a year. Well, that might be the truth for a very tiny percentage of my readers, but most people (including myself) would hate having to work so hard.

Another thing I hate about general copywriting is that there is too much competition.


Only laptop needed for writing lifestyleB2B marketing sounds more like what I want. For a start, there is a desperate shortage of B2B writers. Next, you sell with facts, not emotions. Your typical customer wants to impress his or her boss with the 12.5% improvement in productivity. That 12.5% makes your offer more attractive than a 10% improvement.

You’d better tell the truth too. The first thing I used to do at work when we bought a new gadget was to open the specification sheet. I tested the gadget for each specification, and if any were untrue, I sent the purchase back again.

What Commercial Writing Courses Teach

See the video at the top of the page for a useful course on commercial writing.
Most of the courses that work will concentrate on teaching you how to give your clients what they want. Freelance Writing Jobs will dry up if you can’t please the customer. You don’t have to learn more about writing than I teach, just as a salesperson doesn’t need to learn to “talk posh.”

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