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Author: Ian McAllister

Writing for Money

Why not use writing for money as a tool to practice writing essays. After all, essays are your main tool for passing exams, and getting paid for practice would be an added bonus!

You’ll find plenty of links here about writing for money. Naturally you can’t expect to jump into the most difficult writing possible without more practice, but remember that Shakespeare was once no better at writing than you are now. Come to think of it – he is a bad example, because he never did learn to spell properly, and the thought of writing something interesting never crossed his mind.

If you still think it can’t be done by someone younger than Shakespeare, then have a look at Nori’s writing for money success which she started when she was only 14.

The web is a great opportunity for writing for money. Expect hundreds of rejection slips if you try writing for magazines. This isn’t because the editor is nasty. It is because it costs a lot of money to put articles into print, so the editor prefers to stick to items that he knows will please the readers and bring in more money. On the web it costs you nothing to add another page to your website.

If you don’t know much about coding HTML that’s fine. Here’s the easy way to put up a website. You make a blog.

Decide on your topic

  1. Visit https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool and put in your topic at the top. Click to find only relevant keywords, click search, then click at the head of the column where it says global monthly searches. This will put it in order of most people interested down to fewest.
  2. Look down the keyword list for low competition keywords that fit your topic perfectly, and choose the best fit with the highest number of searches for your domain name.
  3. Go to namecheap.com and type in your keyword. (It’s called namecheap because the domain names are cheaper.) Namecheap will tell you if yourkeyword.com is available. If it’s not, you’ve still got .net and .org to consider, but it’s better just to be a little inventive. If your keyword is angora rabbits, you would try for angorarabbits.com but you can also try myangorarabbits.com theangorarabbits.com angorarabbitsfur.com angorarabbitpets.com until you find a name that isn’t taken. Register the name – it costs about $10 for a year.
  4. Find a host. I recommend hostgator.com and you’ll pay less than $4 per month for their cheapest plan – which is all you need when you’re starting out.
  5. When you are signing up, click that you have a domain that you want to use and fill in the form.
  6. You’ll get an email telling you your login details, probably including your name-servers
  7. Go back to Namecheap and find domain management. Click on your domain name and the bit about name servers, then add your two name servers. That points traffic to your domain towards your host at Hostgator.
  8. Now go to http://myangorarabbits.com/cpanel (change the domain name to the one you registered) and the control-panel will appear. It will offer to help you get started, and if you are a beginner it would be a good idea to accept their help.
  9. If you go it alone, go down to Software/Services and click on FantasticoDeLuxe. Under the heading Blogs click on WordPress. Then just follow their instructions to create your blog – it takes two or three minutes.
  10. Write down your Admin username and password, then go to http://myangorarabbitsecom/wp-admin and log in to your new blog.
  11. If you are using the site commercially, then you should have all the pages that you will find in the menu at the foot of this page – especially the disclaimer. But if you’re just talking about your hobby you don’t need them. Your about page and contact page are worth having, but that goes beyond the scope of this article. Go to Plugins and do a search to see if you can find a contact page plugin.
  12. For a simple blog (which my blog is not) just go to Posts Start New and start typing your new post – headline and body text and so on. I can’t teach you the expert stuff here, but that is enough for you to make your first blog.

You could probably put up a blog at your college for free, but you lose it when you leave college. If it means something to you you could approach your computer department before you leave, and get them to save a backup on your flash memory, and explain to you how to transfer it to your own domain name and host. Be polite to them because you are asking a favor.

If you fancy writing an eBook, and selling it at on Kindle, just wait till you have some experience of writing so that the reader doesn’t want your articles to finish, then have a go. Alternatively you can hire a ghost writer quite cheaply. Don’t forget you can become a ghost writer yourself with a bit of experience.

Examples of Writing for Money

Discover unique ideas for parties, birthdays, anniversaries, romance, home decor, travels, small business here at 4everideas.com simple, cheap and do-able ideas for spare time and money! Study how they write their articles and learn to write like that. Cursor to the foot of their page to find other ideas.

Fiverr.com is an excellent example of writing for money when your native language is not the language of the website. Writing economically is the science of providing effective content for your copy. Just look through the list of offers (costing $5 per job) and see if there is anything that inspires you to start writing. You can offer to write 800-word articles for the web. The customer would give you a list of keyword to include, and possibly how to bias your attitude, and you would Google ideas on the same topic. Don’t copy them (that’s plagiarism and will give you a bad reputation) but take the ideas and write them in your own words.

Now you don’t have to take my word for it when I say that writing is fun. Writing for money is great, but Darrin shows you can have fun at the same time…

Darrin F. Coe, MA. has enjoyed placing examples of his fiction, essays, and poetry on his site, which is no longer around. And yes, he does have a financial motive – you can buy his paperback book of poetry “Bring the Noise: Warrior Poetry: Verse to Inspire the Warrior Within” if you’re lucky (try Amazon) because it’s out of print. I bet you can memorize that more easily than Shakespeare!

Articles about authoring

The ability to write and publish information, and communicate that information successfully to others, plays a vital role in any online (and offline) business success.” There are plenty of very helpful free articles about writing for money that you shouldn’t miss if you are even slightly interested in the subject. Just Google “writing for money” and you’ll find a hundred thousand results.

Docsymmetry.com provides tips on how to hire a technical writer, become a technical writer, perform an audience analysis, interact with SMEs, write glossaries, and more.

I particularly liked the following tip, because if you use my book properly you will have top marks for your essays. “Getting a Technical Writing Job, Even If You Have No Experience…if all or most of your essays at college netted you grades of A- and above, make sure that you mention this in your CV…”

A freelance technical writer can earn very big money. If you’re studying one of the mechanical subjects you’d better be good at technical writing, so why not make some money from it?

Resources for writing for money

Become a member of the Society of Technical Communication http://www.stc.org/

Request or offer services for $5 at http://fiverr.com/

Everything freelance online https://www.upwork.com

Freelance translators http://www.translatorstown.com/

I’m sure you get the idea. If you can’t earn at least $5 from writing you’re not really trying. At the other extreme, once you’ve made a name for yourself, a copywriter can charge twenty thousand dollars for a single advertising page. Don’t expect to reach that target in a year or two!

One way not to make money is to write a best-selling paperback book. After everyone has taken a cut from your book sale you might have a couple of percent royalties coming in. Kindle is a much better prospect, but you still have to write a best seller. You do keep a large percentage of the income.

OK – I take it all back. Modern times have changed even that. It’s still true that you shouldn’t publish a paperback book the conventional way. But now you can get one paperback book at a time, printed and posted to the buyer. I’ll write a page about that sometime.

Please leave your tip, comments, or suggestions here so that I will know what to write in future. Use Google+ or Facebook or just the blog.

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