Finance Secrets That Every Student Needs To Know

Learn the Secrets of Student Finance Without Pain

Why should you be wary of student loan consolidation? Well, they’re only good if you are a good enough manager of your finances to avoid getting into more trouble. And you wouldn’t be in the pickle that you’re in if that was true – would you? See if you can get financial guidance from a student counselor, to help you to climb out of the trap you’ve fallen into.

Of course, it’s best to learn to handle your college budget long before you fall into this trouble, but it’s a bit late to tell you that once you are in trouble.

Learn The Rules

I won’t tell you again about when I kicked a ball into the wrong goal. Instead I want you to imagine a woman complaining that she didn’t know what would happen if she let her toddler play with the crocodiles. Ignorance of the rules is no defence.

The time to learn the rules is a couple of years before you finish high school. How would you feel if you spent all that money and failed your exams? Get my book and ace your exams.

Suppose you see an offer costing $50 for information about how to get free grants and scholarships. If you pay $50 to a confidence trickster he might have a good laugh at your expense. If you don’t pay $50, and the information was good, and you are in debt for the rest of your life because you didn’t get the package, you would regret it deeply.

Which decision is right? A computer would tell you that there is insufficient data for a decision. Humans are better than computers because we can make decisions on insufficient data. We might be wrong half the time, but the computer is always wrong, because if it makes no decisions, it can’t get it right.

You will have to come to your own decision. I have been swindled several times, and I don’t regret it. I’ve been right often enough to make up for it. A human who never makes mistakes never makes anything. I would pay for information about free opportunities without hesitation, because information is always valuable. I’m just sending off for an information package telling me about free stuff that is available for pensioners in Australia. If I’m swindled – tough! I’ll survive.

Rule 1

Don’t buy anything that you don’t have the money for. OK, there are two exceptions – a house and education.

Rule 2

Find ways to save money. Be thrifty. Make Scrooge look over-generous. You don’t have to be fashionable. Pick up clothes and furniture and computers from the annual rubbish collection at the roadside. Put it back if you can’t make it work for you.

Rule 3

Make money. Instead of worrying about student loans and credit, and cards, or even about loan forgiveness, why not think about making some money during your holidays with students jobs, or on the internet while you are asleep, or from your lodgings while you study (crochet baby clothes while you memorize stuff for your next exam.)

I’ll try to put up information about each of these possibilities, but meanwhile remember that the loan sharks are just as merciless as the Australian crocodiles. Don’t play games with them unless you want to be in debt for the rest of your life with student loan consolidation.

Learn About Bargains

You may find it difficult to believe, but you can enjoy student travel too if you know how. Want a free prestige car? Some companies will let you drive a luxury car just to display the advertisements painted on the car. Just keep your eyes open for information, and be prepared to pay for it. Spending money to make money is good. Spending on a car that keeps losing value is bad.