Secrets of How To Improve Your IQ test

Secrets of How To Improve Your IQ test
Do people lord it over you because you are stupid? What if you could improve your results in IQ tests by becoming more clever?

Have you heard the myth that an iq test shows the intelligence that you were born with, and that is the intelligence you are stuck with? Well, the good news is that you can raise your apparent intelligence with an attitude breakthrough, and it often happens with an exceptionally good teacher. Getting that “aha!” moment is the problem. Or you can fake it. Use the methods in my book to pass any Multiple Choice Exam because that’s what an IQ test usually is.

Faulty IQ Tests Design

You get a series of questions that you must answer in the time available to you. There are some plausible answers, and you must tick the right answer. That means that you can expect quite an accurate assessment test for your child trying to get into high school…if your child isn’t more clever than the person setting the test. Then you can be marked wrong, when it is really the test answers that are wrong.

Wrong Approach To Assessment Tests

Even in this supposedly basic test you can perform better if you know the exam rules.

Suppose you have a genius who is distracted by some of the sillier alternatives. While he is thinking about what a good story he can make of it to his friends, the time has come to turn the page, and he hasn’t answered the other 99 questions on the page.

Suppose you have someone who is terrified of exams, and his brain just refuses to work properly on the day? I suggest you look for free iq tests on the internet and practice taking them. You really can make some stupid mistakes when you are nervous. I once calculated that three times one equals one, in a University physics exam. Fortunately I still passed.

My Experience of the 11 plus intelligence test

(This exam decides which high school you will attend in England).

You can imagine the cruel glee with which I saw the iq testing results for my brother and I when we moved to England. I was good enough for a proper school, while he was only good enough to join the deadbeats at the secondary modern school.

Well, my glee was short-lived. His teacher demanded a re-test, because my brother was a genius. Sure enough, he was soon transferred to the same school that I attended. I think that you need to get results of 130 to get to the better high schools, so he had got less than 130 in his first test. But later he joined Mensa with a score in the high 150s. That’s not a trivial failure. The assessment really bombed out! You couldn’t trust it!

Improving Your IQ

Stupid people have a very poor self-image. Perhaps you think that it’s only fair that the idiots should have a poor self image. Well, it’s a good thing that Einstein never took the tests. He had such a poor understanding of general knowledge that he had to get the child next door to buy his shopping, in exchange for him doing her mathematics homework.

Different experts have taken supposedly stupid children and taught them how to do something that their peers can’t do. For instance

  • Have Fun With Figures Do a long division faster than you can type it into the calculator.
  • Improve your IQ and Remember which cards in a pack have already been dealt out
  • Speed-reading at a few seconds per page
  • Learn a language and talk it fluently in three months (or learn two at the same time). Rocket Learning Chinese or perhaps Rocket Learning French
  • If you could do maths like these children you’d have reason to be proud. They’re faster than a calculator.

It doesn’t seem to matter what has suddenly opened the brain paths of the children. Once they realize that they can show off their superiority, they seem to look round for other things that they can do. And guess what…their iq test results go up!

p.s. What about my results. My headmaster thought I had passed by accident. He said that the man in the moon had a better chance of getting 5 GCE exam passes than I did. So I got eleven of them. It seems that the headmaster was no better than the stupid tests, but the real reason is that I learned how to win the exam game.