This section is all about introductions to life.

Discover why it still matters whether or not you pass high school exams, and why it’s a bad idea to go for higher education.

You have to navigate through a maze of scams to live this modern life. I’ll introduce you to some of the main ones, but I can’t tell you how to avoid all scams. I’ve been caught several times.
Newton's apple demonstrates gravity.
Just think about “something that everybody knows” and ask yourself “Who says?”

Everyone fell for the myth of evolution, but it is not only unscientific – it is anti-scientific. The second law of thrmodynamics says “Disorder increases.” Evolution says “Order increases.” They can’t both be right. I prefer to stick with science. If you shuffle a pack of cards and throw it into the air, PLEASE let me know if it lands in a neat stack, all the cards face down and ordered by suit and number. That would be order increasing like evolution.