How To Write A Sample September 11 Essay

Author: Ian McAllister

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Sample September 11th essay

The media caused most of the damage following on September 11th. The terrorist action was spectacular, but strictly small-time – about half of the road toll that year.

We have a population explosion problem. About a century ago Malthus said that survival of the human race depended on three ways to weed out excessive population. These are War, Pestilence, and famine.

Nowadays War

consists of sitting in a plane, zeroing in on a politically-correct target with your laser guidance system, and pressing the button. If the media are to be believed, the number of American deaths from the Iraq war is less than a hundred, and the population is seven billion.

What about pestilence?

Pestilence would spread so fast with modern transport that the world is poised to fight pestilence. Supposedly biological warfare experts are trying to design pestilences such as bird flu, and swine flu, but they can’t get the knack of spreading them fast enough.

That leaves famine.

That happens in third-world countries. For instance in India about one person in four can die from a famine. That means that countless millions die throughout the world each year.

But the September 11th incident didn’t happen in a third world country, so let’s consider its effects in the civilized world.

Tourism Loses Out

The media feeding frenzy related to the September 11th incident resulted in a crippling loss to tourism throughout the world.

For example over 60% of the Brazilian trade reported at least a 50 percent increase in cancellations after September 11, 2001. About a third of agencies lost more than 50% of their usual bookings. 23% of agencies reported a 50% decrease in travel inquiries for the USA.

Most of the Brazilian trade reduced staff, but 41% of agencies were able to maintain personnel after the September 11 attacks.

That indirect damage to the nation following the September 11th attacks can be laid squarely at the feet of the media. If they hadn’t talked up a storm in a teacup, it could have been less frightening than the road toll, which was twice as severe. And more than ten times as many were murdered in Africa on the same day.

More Media Treason

But wait – there is more! The media played up the anthrax attacks so that Americans were afraid to come out of their homes.That media assault on USA citizens also resulted in the army making it compulsory for soldiers to be vaccinated against Anthrax. So many soldiers were killed by the side effects of the vaccine that vaccination has now been made voluntary again.

Are there any killers bigger than the road toll and the September 11th attack? Oh yes! These are strictly in the small time amateur league.

Bigger Killers Than Road Toll

People argue about the numbers found in mass graves around the world, but official Iraqi documents recovered after the fall of Saddam’s regime suggest a staggering 5 million executions were made during Ba’ath era alone.

That outshines War as an aid to the fight against population explosion, and the media didn’t even get a look-in.

Medical Profession

That leaves the medical profession and the media as the two main contenders for fighting the population explosion.

The medical profession? You exclaim. Yes they have reached the number one position for cause of death in the USA, and probably throughout the civilized world. They hide the fact by changing the name to “Iatrogenic deaths” which means deaths caused by doctors.

I got the following information from

“… A survey of a 1992 national pharmacy database found a total of 429,827 medication errors from 1,081 hospitals. Medication errors occurred in 5.22 percent of patients admitted to these hospitals each year. The authors concluded that a minimum of 90,895 patients annually were harmed by medication errors in the country as a whole…”

“…We could have an even higher death rate by using Dr. Lucien Leape’s 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million. Multiplied by the fatality rate of 14 percent (that Leape used in 1994 we arrive at an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and medical errors combined. If we put this number in place of Lazorou’s 106,000 drug errors and the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) 98,000 medical errors, we could add another 216,000 deaths making a total of 999,936 deaths annually…”

Now, that is what I call a serious professional attempt. Doctors may have done even better than that, because only some of their mistakes are ever reported. Autopsies are rarely performed now, because too often they showed that death was the result of a misdiagnosis.

Deaths reported as heart attack were about 47 thousand less than deaths caused by doctors, and cancer deaths were even less, and strokes were even less.

So do doctors win the competition? Probably not!

The damage done by the media following the September 11th attack was minor compared with the results of lies they tell us every day.

Near the beginning of last century synthetic products took the market for paints and varnishes away from the unsaturated oils manufacturers. So these manufacturers encouraged pig breeders to feed oil to the pigs. At first it looked like a great idea, as the pig weight sky-rocketed.

Let’s pause for an aside here. Pigs are the closest to humans for nutritional research. So we can be confident that eating unsaturated oils will help humans to become obese quickly.

Farmers soon discovered however that pigs died of heart attacks or cancer before they could be slaughtered, so the oil manufacturers had to look for a market where careful records are not kept of what is eaten.

Eureka! Humans!

In 1897 the first recorded heart attack occurred. In 1911 a post-graduate student wrote a thesis about the new disease that had put in an appearance – heart attack.

Graphs of cancer and heart attacks over last century show that consumption of unsaturated oils increased linearly just as the cancer and heart attack mortality increased linearly.

What has this to do with the media?

Well, people didn’t want to change away from tasty butter, lard, and dripping to cooking oils that tasted differently. So the oil manufacturers paid the media for intensive advertising and publicity campaigns to increase sales.

Of course, they knew the result of the pigs experiment, but they took a research publication that said that to keep slim and healthy you should eat saturated fats. They knew that very few people read research publications, so they paid the media to report the research as having shown that saturated fats are bad for you, and you should switch to unsaturated oils.

The glorious taste of butter still made people resistant to the idea of switching over to margarine (at that time I don’t think the manufacturers knew that margarine is full of killer trans-fatty acids). So they bribed a research worker to come up with the cholesterol myth.

They then spent so much on promoting the idea in the media that even the medical profession (though one nutritionist said that doctors wouldn’t know the difference between a lipid and a lipase if it bit them) was convinced.

Our liver manufactures large quantities of cholesterol each day, because it is needed throughout the body, especially in the brain, and cholesterol is the raw material for your adrenal glands to make 50 hormones.

So does that put the media closer to winning the race? Well if they can be credited with all the deaths resulting from obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart attacks that puts them well ahead of the doctors.

But these aren’t the only lies told to us by the media. It is unusual to find a media story that is completely truthful.

  • Exposure to the sun fights melanoma (the deadly form of skin cancer).
  • Pain-killers have toxic side-effects
  • Anti-depression drugs cause suicide
  • Homogenized milk is toxic because particles are so small that they can enter the bloodstream without being digested.
  • The food pyramid is upside down.
  • Vaccinations kill a few people but don’t protect the rest.

How often have the media told you the opposite of these facts?

William Campbell Douglass II, MD wrote the following”Based on data from over 1000 subjects of both sexes aged 20-70, the research (published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine) found that although “terror-stress” affected both sexes, it caused elevated levels of C-reactive protein only in women — nearly half of those surveyed. The study made no conclusions as to why men did not experience a similar increase in these terror-related killer proteins.

Oddly, it seemed not to matter whether the affected women lived in areas of the country known to suffer terror attacks or not. Apparently, it is the overall fear that terrorism breeds, not the acute fear of a sudden attack in close proximity, that causes the spike in C-reactive protein levels. Ethical issues aside, I wonder if a daily placebo of the type Israeli doctors regularly prescribe would help decrease this risk?

I also wonder how many American women are suffering an increased risk of heart attack because of terror-related anxiety in the wake of September 11th…”

That is another success story for the media to add to their list of successes.

Of course, you could argue that the food and drugs industry is responsible for pruning our population – the media just published their lies for money.

However it was still the media that spread the misinformation causing millions of deaths each year, so I consider them to be the winners. Forget about the couple of thousand deaths on September 11th – that was amateur stuff. The media are the real professionals.

Final note

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