How To Write Reflection Essays In College

Reflection essays are perfect for my approach to writing essays. But your teachers may make them sound like hard boring work. Read what the expert Jessica Johnson has to say about it,then I’ll show you how to have fun.

Author: Jessica Johnson

Reflection Essay

Reflection essay should reflect the writers personal experiences about the selected personal event (something the writer has heard, seen or read). The writer should demonstrate how the selected event reflects people or social issues. Unlike many other types of essays, the purpose of the reflection paper lies not in an exhaustive discussion of the subject, but in exploration of ideas, and so such an essay is of philosophical character, though it frequently leaves no solid conclusions or definite statements. This type of essays should be treated as opportunity for free development of ideas and their comprehensive trial. For example, unfortunate love experience could lead to a reflection about philosophic categories connected with this feeling: What is love? What is the difference between love and desire? Is unfortunate love beneficial? Why or why not?

It is clear that the topic of a reflection essay should be wide enough to raise the interest in reader and provide a sufficient variety of rhetoric questions. The writer should pick out several ideas or subtopics and make sure that coherence is maintained through the entire essay. It is useful to insert transitional paragraphs before beginning to explore the new idea or subtopic. The writer should present his own experiences in an interesting manner, carefully considering the target auditorium. It is important to get the reader involved in the story, and this objective may be reached through introduction of the remarkable details and utilization of the vivid writing style.

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The first point is that in your reflection essay you don’t have to tell it how it really happened. You only just avoided falling into the midden, so imagine that you fell in, and what your friends had to say about it. The media wrap up a little bit of truth in a lot of fiction, so why shouldn’t you?

Reflection essays are perfect if you are any good at all at telling stories. You will have a fund of tales to tell about what has happened to you in the past, and what has happened to people you know.

Disasters make the best stories, and if you come out looking like an idiot that is even better – people love a tale told against yourself. It makes it even easier to come up with a pungent reflection for your essay.

For instance when I was camping I heated a stone from the stream in the campfire with the idea of cooking my food on the red-hot stone. It exploded before I got round to placing the food. So I imagine that I had already put my food there before the explosion, and reflect on how long it took to treat the burns and scalds, and scrape the food of my clothes, and how hungry I was with no food left. It would be easy to come up with philosophical reflections in this essay.

Think what philosophical conclusion the teacher would see in the story and try to come up with a zany offbeat conclusion that is totally unexpected.

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