How To Write Position Essays In College

Position essays are great because they allow you to argue as passionately as you like. Here is the expert point of view, followed by my ideas on making it fun.

Author: Jessica Johnson

Position Essays Mayhem

Jessica Johnson

Position essays present the chance to air your opinion about some arguable issue. The objective of a position essay is to persuade the reader that the writers opinion is valid and worth attention. The writer should carefully select the topic and research all sides of the discussed issue. The essay should be well-balanced and touch upon both sides of the topic, but still be able to win over the audiences support.

When writing a position essay, it is ultimately important to represent the researched material in a coherent manner. The writer should take one side of the argument and persuade the reader that his opinion is valid through demonstration of profound knowledge in the discussed area. As for many other types of essays, utilization of evidence, supporting quotes and statistical data is crucial. The writer should also demonstrate his awareness about the counter-arguments and provide their plausible refutation.

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OK – if you are really passionate about your views go ahead and present your true opinion in your position essay.

However, if that sounds boring think how much more fun it would be in your position essay to prove something that you don’t believe. You could write an excellent position essay proving that Santa Claus does indeed do all that the stories say. Or you could prove that public servants really serve the public or that you should put your savings in the bank.

You should be well balanced and mention in passing that some misguided experts don’t believe in Santa.

Naturally you must invent plenty of quotes and statistics to prove your contention irrefutably. Let your imagination run riot in your position essay as you discuss how the 6 white boomers are used for Santa’s Australian run, and how Santa fills the stockings in houses that don’t have chimneys.

You can demonstrate a profound knowledge in the area because you can invent references and statistics with nothing to hold you back.