How To Write Persuasive Essays And How To Use Them

Author: Ian McAllister
How to Write Persuasive Essays With Ease

You will soon realize that you can write persuasive essays more easily than any other kind of essay (or composition)

Here are some reasons why it is so easy

  • You already can be persuasive with your mouth
  • No boredom
  • No right answer
  • Invent your own facts
  • Invent your own quotations

Don’t cheat yourself

If you copy someone else’s essay you are cheating yourself. The teacher gives you essays to practice an important skill. If you copy an essay you are stunting your mental development and missing out on a lot of fun.

This applies to all essays not just persuasive essays. Click here for a free book about how to write exciting essays.

You are persuasive already

If you get into a fight, aren’t you pretty good at persuading the grown-ups that it wasn’t your fault? If someone stole your property, would you run out of things to say in a hurry? Couldn’t you talk for hours about it? Since you were a baby you have been practicing every day to be persuasive. Now you only need to transfer it to paper.

No Boredom

There are some essay subjects that are boring. A good argument is always fun. They say there are always two sides to every argument, but I can usually find a third side. Think of every possible point of view, then decide on the most outrageous. If you think you can present a good enough argument on the outrageous theme to keep you writing for half an hour or forty minutes, then start having fun.

No right answer

The examiner can never mark an argument wrong! If you set out to prove that babies are delicious when they are properly cooked, the examiner will have to accept your arguments, even if he doesn’t think that you believe what you are saying. It isn’t his job to decide which arguments are right. He is just looking for a persuasive essay, and you can easily imagine how you would argue if you really had an outrageous idea. Isn’t that what practical jokes are about? You produce a persuasive argument that you don’t believe, and gloat if the victim falls for it.

Invent your own facts

A solicitor won a case by inventing a precedent that he was sure nobody would check. When you write a persuasive essay you know that the examiner won’t check the facts, so you can invent them. He doesn’t care if you present imaginary facts in a persuasive essay.

Invent quotations

It is always more convincing if you can quote an established authority who believes the same arguments as you are presenting in your persuasive essay. So invent quotes, and people who are supposed to have spoken them. If you are a real show-off, and you know another language, give the quote in the other language and translate it. Nobody could possibly doubt your knowledge of the subject then!

Political Correctness

Do think that political correctness is silly? Do you think it is fun breaking the PC rules? Then unless you know that the examiner will deduct marks for going against political correctness, you can really have a great time being as shocking as you can.

This ties in very nicely with the idea of being as outrageous as possible. Your examiner will never deduct marks out of boredom if your persuasive essay is outrageous. Make yourself out to be a monster. Have fun. You can be as shocking as you like, and you will still get good marks. Just one exception, don’t use bad language. Teachers have heard it all before and are bored by it. They tend to think that you don’t know enough words if you have to fall back on bad language.

Persuasive Essays or Argumentative Ones

What is the difference between persuasive essays and argumentative ones? Well, the only difference that I can see is that in persuasive essays you have to answer the question “What’s in it for me?”

You can really enjoy yourself annoying the teacher if it is a homework essay. Imagine that he has all sorts of weird desires that your ideas will fulfil. For instance, an argument for eating babies might be that he can’t eat you, however much he might like to, but he can sublimate his desires by eating babies, and you know a discreet establishment where…

Try to understand the difference between features and benefits. People buy on benefits, not on features, so keep answering the question “What’s in it for me?”.
Becoming a Politician

If you want to become a politician you will be able to use lots of my ideas about persuasive essays. You will be able to invent facts, misquote an opponent, and generally mislead the public. Remember, no publicity is bad publicity. If the public can rely on you never to be boring, they will overlook many faults.

How can you tell if you are good?

Your examiner can get it all wrong. He is following rules to try and judge your essay impartially. The one way to be sure that your persuasive essay works is to persuade people with it.

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