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Author: Ian McAllister

Secrets of writing good essays fast

I can teach you writing that can pass your exams, or make you wealthy. That’s like saying that I can take two identical scalpels, hand one to a brain surgeon, and teach you to use the other to cut up paper for paper-craft. The tools are the same, but the brain surgeon needs a lot more training to aim the scalpel correctly. I only teach you to use the tool of writing to pass exams. You have more to learn to write for wealth, but not about writing – you need to aim your writing correctly.

  • Make money
  • Pass exams
  • Better Job
  • More respect
  • Please your Parents

When you get my free report about writing compositions, you will also receive an article about ways for kids to make money. Picture a book about essays

Most exams have compositions questions in them. So if you learn to write essays well, you will pass more exams. That leads to better job choices. If you don’t pass exams you are restricted to manual labor for the rest of your life.

Topol sings “When you’re rich they think you really know” but when you write articles (compositions) people will think that you really know. People will listen to your opinions just because they have read your articles. Articles are just compositions or essays.

Imagine how pleased your parents will be when you start getting top marks for all your writing. Your teachers will wonder what has hit them! Your classmates might even pay you to write for them.

Life influence

Writing is the most useful thing you will learn at school. It would be even more useful to be able to persuade people to buy things, but I’m not convinced that it can be taught. I’ve read lots of books on the subject and still can’t do it. All that I am sure of is that the authors can write excellent persuasive essays.

That’s right…books are just large compositions. Did you spot that? Essays are important even to persuade people to part with their money. That makes writing more important than anything else that you will ever learn at school.

Is writing compositions difficult?

Brain Surgery
No, you just need a different way of looking at it to make writing easy. I don’t blame you for thinking that it is hard work. I did too until I discovered the easy way that has given me lots of fun ever since. So I’ve written a free report to show you how to write. As well as the report you will get articles about how to take advantage of unfair exams, and how to make money from writing.

Perhaps in another year, you could be making a good income from your writing. One schoolgirl is making money by writing two essays each week. Best of all, she is getting paid still for all the essays she has written for the project for the last few years… not just for the latest ones. Don’t you think that is an easy target to reach?
Update: she is now earning enough from her website so that she will never need to look for a job.

Well… it will be once you have mastered the art of writing essays. Start now by downloading your free eBook.

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