Your Guide To Assorted College Essay Style Types

Author: Ian McAllister

Manipulate College Essay Style Types

If you are studying Science then all your college essays should have the passive style type. If you are studying English then you will have to learn to show different characteristics in different compositions.

What should you do if your lecturer asks you to write a reflection essay? Well, he should have taught you what is needed before asking for it, but that might be a couple of weeks ago, and you’ve had more important things on your mind than college essay style types since then.

Jessica Johnson wrote a series of short articles about the different essay style types used in college, and I have her permission to publish them on my website. In each case I have added a little something of my own, because my advice is to make your college essays drastically different from all the others. In other words, don’t bore your readers.

When you write a college essay you are a performer, just as much as a clown or a lion-tamer. How do you think a clown would feel if nobody noticed when he slipped on a banana skin and got drowned in paint? You must entertain in your college essays if you are an entertainer.

You can get full marks with your college essay style types and still bore your reader to tears, because only the nuts and bolts matter to the computer marking your paper. Just a minute! You mean your college essays aren’t marked by a computer? Perhaps a human would give bad marks to boring essays?

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