How To Write Application Essays For Jobs Etcetera

Personal Application Essays are a field where my rebel ways don’t work. But they do work to pass your exams, and you won’t be writing letters of application until you pass your exams.

Oh, you can invent references, experiences, and even degrees. If you have a friend with a degree certificate that you can scan, it’s easy to change the name on the certificate in your graphics software. It may not be a perfect copy, but nobody ever sends the original certificate and photocopies are usually bad quality.
The trouble is that if you reach the short-list of applicants all your details will be checked. Employers and universities do a quick scan of your application essays to dump most of them in the bin. It is only once you are short-listed that your application essays will be put under a microscope.

I interviewed one job applicant whose application essay was truly remarkable. During the interview he seemed to be the perfect candidate. So we phoned his last employer who said “Who? — hold on and I’ll check the records. Oh yes! He worked for us for one day and we never saw him again so I forgot his name.”

Remember your job application essays will be checked at the point where it matters. So stick to the truth.

Having said that, you should discuss your application with either a sales person or a personnel officer, or better still with both. You may think that employers are looking for the best person for the job. They’re not!

They are looking for the person who will make them look good. So the better you are at salesmanship, the better you will be at telling the truth in your personal application essays to the best effect.

Here are the nuts and bolts of personal application essays but remember, there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Author: Jessica Johnson

Application Essays For That Plum Job

A personal essay is frequently included into application packages, and is written to display the applicants personal qualities and experiences. Personal essay is a very important application package as it discloses the applicants personality in the most efficient way, and therefore personal essay requires careful selection, preparation, and interpretation of the personal information. Before writing a personal essay an applicant has to brainstorm the following questions making field notes for preparation of the future paper:

– What are the special features that set you apart among other applicants? – Is there any peculiar information that will enable the evaluation committee to understand you personality better? – What connects your personal interest with the selected field? Why and how have you decided to apply? – What are your career plans? – What personal characteristics and skills enable you to participate in the selected program?

The writer should demonstrate clear and attention-grabbing writing style with no spelling, grammatical, stylistic or punctuation errors. The writer should avoid information falsification, emphasis on negative moments and features of the applicants personality, arrogant tone, prejudices about sex, religion, ethnicity, politics or any other disputable issues. Laconism is critical, as in many cases personal information may require too many space. It is preferable to concentrate upon the most essential and relevant points, expounding the additional information in the form of a short resume or CV. It is essential to avoid repetitive representation of information stated elsewhere within the application package.

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