How To Write Abortion Essays For College

Author: Ian McAllister

Abortion essays give you an enormous choice of approach. Try to annoy everyone so the examiner won’t forget your writing.

Preliminary Decisions

  1. Do you have a strong opinion? If so are you going to use it?
  2. If you are studying medicine, psychiatry or biochemistry, is there an official opinion that you ignore at your peril? You had better parrot the official line.
  3. Does the question restrict your answer to one particular type of essay? It can be any type if the title is “Abortion” but if the question is “List the pros and cons of abortion” you have to do just that, in the passive mode, with no use of the word “I”. One exception might be if you have ever had an unwanted pregnancy, you could imagine that you are experiencing it now, and trying to make up your mind whether or not to have an abortion. You could make your thoughts about the pros and cons intensely personal and interesting, using the word I extensively.


If you need more information, use the internet. Try to visit enough sites to find the arguments of both sides. Try to get technical information, and historical information as well, and perhaps references to the USA constitution.

Avoid plagiarism. You might be expelled if you copy essays. However if you browse through lots of similar essays, you can come up with plenty of good ideas for your own essays. Just don’t copy them.

Choosing your approach for abortion essays

If the question says “Write an essay about abortion.” you can choose any approach that you like. Try to choose something different from everyone else, to prevent the reader getting bored. If you have read my book you will realize that if you are the 29th person with the same approach, your examiner will be nodding off every few minutes, and missing your best points.

Obvious approaches for abortion essays

Questions for abortion essays may be worded to make you write an

The latter choice would be something like “Describe the effects of legislation about abortion” which would require you to go back to the time when it was legal, then illegal, then legal again.

Here’s a “new” fact that you might find useful. Two years ago, anti-abortion groups launched boycott campaigns against Pepsi Co., urging them to reconsider using flavorings derived from a process involving the use of aborted embryonic kidney cells.

You can still spice up these obvious approaches by including outrageous opinions that are not your own. For instance a persuasive essay could try to persuade the reader that abortion should be made compulsory for anyone with a hereditary disease such as haemophilia. Not even supporters of abortion would back you up on that one, and the reader would definitely not go to sleep


I have already suggested this form in number 3 above. You can use “I” repeatedly and make your essay intensely personal. Nobody gets bored reading personal thoughts, unless they are reading Samuel Pepys’ Diaries.

You can choose one of the following points of view.

  • Woman who doesn’t want the pregnancy
  • Woman who’s parents don’t want her to have a baby
  • Father of the baby
  • GP advising the woman
  • Surgeon who will carry out the operation

Don’t miss the chance to introduce less altruistic opinions by considering money and peer-pressure, and “what will people think of…”

Speculative abortion essays

Consider the possibilities of medical discoveries using the tissues from aborted foetuses.

Good business

Sale of a foetus for body parts usually brings at least $1200. Your abortion essay could be a fictitious discussion between doctors about how new legislation regarding abortion could affect their income.

You could alternatively write much more scurrilous abortion essays by writing a presentation for a prospective buyer of your black-market business in body parts.


If you are good at writing stories, this might be for you. It does take some skill.

  • “True” story about my experiences with abortion.
  • How I paid my way through college with finders fees for abortions
  • Science Fantasy: decision by alien scientists to abort the experiment of the human race.
  • Science Fiction: tear-jerker story about the decision to abort a rescue mission in space.
  • Fantasy: Letters between demons about abortion (see Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis for ideas.

Passing exams

Writing abortion essays is only a minor part of passing your exams. There are probably many essay questions, and multiple choice questions. People who do best in exams are those who know most about exams, not about the subject. See what ideas you can find in my

exam book for your abortion essays.