How To Write

Writing is your second most important life skill. The ability to understand people and sell to them is more important than writing, but you can’t sell online without writing.

Much of the advice on this site about writing is for scholars. You should have a nodding acquaintance with each style of writing that I describe, but in real life, nobody will be marking you on how well you follow the rules.

I hate to say this, but most of the modern writing has bad punctuation, bad spelling and bad grammar and you only notice if there is too much of it.

If a car salesperson tells you that “this car corners more smoothly that the other one” it might make you cringe. But you won’t refuse to buy because of the bad grammar.
Cartoon of cricket journalist
The BIG thing you must learn is to write like a journalist. Think how everyone else in your class will write their essays, then do it differently. Your reader/examiner likes to be startled.

So read these articles about writing to get ideas – not to learn hard and fast rules.