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Technology has moved on. This site taught you how to pass exams. It’s no longer enough. So I’m adding how to avoid the most vicious life-changing education scam, and other tips on how to enjoy life with modern applications of what is in my book.

What does a chimpanzee have to do with study and learn to live life to the fullest?
A human baby and a chimpanzee go through the same development process. They both learn to draw a circle.

Childs first drawing of face
Then the chimp matures.

It stops learning. It never learns to draw a face in the circle. Superior humans learn till the day they die, and the technology explosion may force us to learn or die.

Why I’m restructuring This Site

Three years ago I created this website as a companion to my book about study strategies and passing exams. However, technology is multiplying at a logarithmically increasing pace.

A man whose job it is to find employment for other people interviewed many employers. Not a single one of them considered creating new jobs. They were all switching over to freelance workers. We are heading for a world with no jobs.

So I have to reexamine how to live life freely. Above are the new categories for my website, but see the mindmap further down the page. I’m sure to make a mess of the changeover, but it will be better eventually. In the meantime, you could always look at my sitemap at /sitemap to find what you are seeking.

No longer should you get a University Degree. No longer are experts paid more than beginners. You can no longer expect a job to last with a big business. The big businesses are in debt and will go bankrupt if the interest rate creeps up.

Picture a handyman

What is replacing experts?

Job applicants used to hide that they had had several employers in case employers thought there was something wrong with their attitude. Now the employers want freelance workers with experience working for many clients, so that they will have as varied an experience as possible.

That’s right…the new replacement meets the old description “Jack of all trades and master of none.”

That is because technology is changing faster and faster, so nobody has any idea what expertise we should have in six months or a year. The only precaution is to keep on growing and learn versatility.

Learning institutions are always out of date

If you have children at school, they will still have to pass exams before they can start learning to do multiple jobs. They will still have to learn study tips for high school, but there are two abilities that will always be in demand.

  • Writing – future computers will be able to write, but not very artistically.
  • Salesmanship – “copywriting” is salesmanship in writing.

Children will never be taught salesmanship at school because a good salesperson can earn much more than the pitiful wages of a teacher.

Child salesmanship

You can help your children to learn to understand how others think, and persuade them using that knowledge, and possibly some hypnosis. You can learn that stuff from the Internet. Give them lots of encouragement each time they persuade someone to do what they want.

I regret never learning to sell. It is too late now for me to learn how people buy on emotions alone. Salesmanship will persuade humans in some unimaginable future. Salesmanship will also persuade people to keep you fed after a financial crash that sends us back to the middle ages.

Good salespeople will still be able to live life to the fullest – whatever that may be. They always have. Think about the Bible story about Jacob selling a pot of stew to Esau for his whole inheritance!
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